Sorg och Glädje
for Tenor & Violoncello
commissioned by Mirror Visions Ensemble

Durata: 6'
Setting: Tenor & Violoncello

"Sorg och Glädje" for tenor and violoncello was commissioned by the American Mirror Visions Ensemble as part of their concert programme "Sounds of Swedish Poetry". Lyrics are by Johan Ludvig Runeberg. The piece was dedicated to tenor Scott Murphree and cellist Mimi Brundin-Sunnerstam. It was premiered by them at in Paris on May 7, 2015.

The poem:

Sorg och glädje båda
bodde i mitt hjärta,
sorg i ena kammarn,
glädje i den andra.
Oförsonligt skilda,
rådde än den ena,
än den andra ensam.
Se'n den enda kom dit,
lär hon öppnat dörren
och förenat båda,
ty min sorg är sällhet
och min glädje vemod

- Johan Ludvig Runeberg 1870
  • "The song by the young composer Andrea Tarrodi, born in 1981 was one of the most interesting discoveries of the evening. The song “Sorg och glädje” to the gentle music of Rangström was performed impeccably by the baritone Mischa Bouvier with Bernt Wilhelmsson at the piano. To mirror this, Tarrodi’s version, with only ‘cello and tenor, had a more ponderous atmosphere. The vocal writing demands a very large tessitura, pushing the voice to its limits, with remarkable effect. Scott Murphree rose to the challenge convincingly." - Music & Opera