Ascent - Concerto for Orchestra
for Symphony Orchestra
commissioned by Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Durata: 16'00''
Orchestration: 2222, 2231, timp, 2 perc, hrp, str.

Ascent - Concerto for orchestra was commissioned by the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. The piece was premiered at De Geer Hallen, Norrköping on April 9, 2015, conducted by Catrine Winnes.

Comment: "Ascent - Concerto for Orchestra" was written during the fall, winter and spring of 2014/15. Before starting the actual composition of the piece, I thought a lot about water and saw before me an oceanic trench. I wanted the music to begin there. I also reflected a lot on the contrasts between nature and city and how these two environments can exist in different frames of mind. One could call the form of the piece a kind of ascent from the very lowest register of the orchestra to the very highest. The work is divided into 7 cohesive movements. It begins in the stillness of the ocean trench in Part 1, "Ocean Trench." The music then gently rises to a loud crescendo and meets coral reefs and whale song in Part 2, "Whales and Corals." Then it is tossed up towards the surface in Part 3, "Breaking Surface" and swept in towards land and into the city's bustling cacophony in Part 4, "Cityscape." The roar of the city tones down for a short while in Part 5, "Chacarita Cemetery." But eventually the commotion returns again and travels on to Part 6, "Hypomanic Trails." In the last and 7:e part of the piece, "Under the Twilight Canopy," the music finally finds its way back to a kind of stillness, where I imagine a tree under a starry sky. Then it slowly rises above the crowns of the trees, higher and higher, and out into the placidity of outer space." -Andrea Tarrodi
  • "En musik som med oceaniskt upplösta klanger från kontrabasar och kontrafagotter startar som ur en djuphavsgrav. Och som med väldiga kraftrörelser stiger och stiger tills den bryter igenom ytan och kastar sig vidare mot land. För att där, i konfrontationer med ett urbant färgat kaos, hitta ett nytt ställe att stiga vidare på - men då med siktet inställt mot den höga fria rymden" - Martin Nyström, DN