Näktergalen - The Nightingale
for Chamber Orchestra
dedicated to KammarensembleN

Durata: 15'00''
Orchestration: 1111, 1110, 2perc, hrp, pno, str.

Andrea Tarrodi´s master´s exam piece Näktergalen - The Nightingale was premiered by KammarensembleN at the Royal College of Music on the 4th of June 2009. The piece has also been performed in Amsterdam at the Icelandic Music Days in 2011. The piece is based on a story by danish writer H.C. Andersen.

Story: The Emperor of China hears that one of the most beautiful things in his own land is the song of the nightingale. He sends his courtiers to take a nightingale from the nearby forest and present her as a guest at court. The bird can communicate with the humans and agrees to come, but when the Emperor is given a mechanical nightingale covered with jewels, he loses interest in the real bird, which flies back to its home. The mechanical bird breaks down. When the Emperor is taken deathly ill, the real nightingale appears and its song so moves Death that he turns away and the emperor lives on.

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