Laulava Meri
for Male Voice Choir
commissioned by the YL Male Voice Choir

Durata: 6'30''
C-Ten. Ten. Bar. B.

Laulava Meri was commissioned by the Finnish Y-L Male Voice Choir. The piece was premiered at the Helsinki Music Centre, Finland on April 6, 2013.

Comment: "Laulava Meri was written in the winter of 2013. "Laulava Meri" is Finnish for "Singing Sea". When I wrote the piece I had a vision of the sea in mind. I thought about how the sea flows and billows, and throughout the piece we will, indeed, hear billowy phrases in the basses and tenors. I also imagined a flock of red birds flying over the surface, represented by the countertenors. In the middle of the piece we dive deep into the sea and will perhaps even hear whales singing in tenor and countertenor. Towards the end of the piece we rise to the surface again and make our way up to the mountain top where the snow is softy, slowly falling..."