for Piano Trio
commissioned by Trio Klingberg/Mannheimer/Wijk

Durata: 10'00''

Akacia was released on record in March, 2011, dB Productions.

Comment: "I wrote Akacia on commission for Trio KMW, during the summer of 2009. At that time I spent most of my days in the Swedish archipelago, and its beautiful and dramatic landscape had a strong impact on the piece. Akacia is comprised of two simple melodies: one first presented in violin and cello in the beginning and the other first presented in a melody played by the piano in octaves. Throughout the piece, the two themes appear in various forms. You may, for example, hear one theme as a chordal version in the piano, and the other in a canon-like dialogue between the cello and violin. Acacias are trees, also known as thorn trees, whistling thorns or wattles. The music reminded me a lot of the tree´s natural sculptural qualities, hence the title. Towards the end you may hear birds singing in the acacia tree..."

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  • "Andrea Tarrodi visar än en gång stark form- och klangkänsla i sin impressionistiskt färgade ”Akacia". Bästa spår på skivan: Tarrodis Akacia" - Thomas Anderberg, DN
  • "Bäst i mitt tycke är skivans inledande ”Akacia” av Tarrodi. Charmig musik med säkert formspråk och en helt egen ton." - Måns Uggla, Nerikes Allehanda